[Determination of biological individuality by blood group studies].

  • Ralovich Béla
  • Published 1978 in Morphologiai es igazsagugyi orvosi szemle


Author deals with the possibility of determination of the biological individuality by serological methods. Determination of HL-A tissue-compatibility antigens and system of MN/Ss and Rh seen to be the most suitable tools. Alloantigens, serum proteins and group of enzymes characterize the biological individual i. e. serological methods can be used as a tool of the identification of a person. Author deals with the possiblity of determination of various razes. For this purpose investigation of the following systems are necessary: ABO-, Rh-, MN/Ss-, Kell-, Duffy-, Lutheran, Kidd, Lewis and Diego. Nevertheless, this problem is not yet solved.


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