Orbital Recurrence following Aggressive Laser Treatment for Recurrent Retinoblastoma.


PURPOSE To report a case of a 29-month-old male with familial, bilateral retinoblastoma with orbital recurrence following aggressive laser treatment. METHODS This is a retrospective case report of a single patient. RESULTS A 3-week-old male was diagnosed with familial, bilateral retinoblastoma (group D OD, group A OS), and treated with 6 cycles of systemic chemotherapy and laser treatment. The patient exhibited full regression of tumors in both eyes. Two years after diagnosis, a small tumor recurrence within the macular laser scar of the right eye was discovered. The tumor recurrence was treated with argon and diode laser over 6 months. The tumor recurrence completely resolved following the laser treatments. Ten weeks after the last laser treatment, MRI revealed a large intraconal orbital mass, contiguous with the sclera of the right eye. Orbital biopsy and systemic work-up confirmed the diagnosis of retinoblastoma with no other metastatic foci. B-scan ultrasonography showed thinning of the sclera at the site of recurrence. CONCLUSION This is an unusual orbital recurrence after successful treatment of intraocular disease with aggressive laser therapy. Clinicians should be aware of the rare possibility of orbital recurrence following chemoreduction with local consolidation even when fundus examinations are normal.


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