The MAXEBIS at GSI as a test ion source for charge breeding and for HITRAP.


The electron beam ion source MAXEBIS, developed and built at the University of Frankfurt, has been installed at GSI to serve as an offline test ion source for the HITRAP project and for use as a test setup for charge breeding explorations. The setup has been equipped with new diagnostics and beam optics devices. Two ion sources dedicated to the production of singly charged ions for external ion injection into the MAXEBIS have been included. First time of flight (TOF) spectra with external injected, charge-bred argon ions were taken. However, these spectra indicated beam losses in the beam transport from the multipassage spectrometer (MPS) to the MAXEBIS. In order to understand the losses, the beam transport has been simulated with the SIMION code and the beam line has been modified accordingly. Measurements of the MAXEBIS' beam emittance, using the "nondestructive" beam profile method, have been performed as well as measurements of the electron current density via charge state analysis of the TOF spectra. The injection and breeding efficiency of the MAXEBIS have been determined for the first time. The results of the measurements and the planned experiments will be discussed.


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